Everything started in a small town, called Donaueschingen in south Germany near the well known Black Forest, where the young version of myself lived. After few years away from my real homeplace I returned and started the final years of my education. I had a fear of the future - not really the far future, but more the next few months or even years. All the old connections were broken, and a new chapter of my life has had to begin. So I met some great people from my school. Not only those stepped into my life also a whole new kind of friends came into my life. I was introduced to them through my brother and a friend of his during a worship night in a nearby protestant church. They were so open and full of love and greatness. - I was absolutely fascinated by this atmosphere. Not knowing it's the presence of a special person - who became the most important person in my life. He is the One. The only One that can give you so much hope and happiness, indescribably. All due to His Cross. Jesus' Cross.